• Natural space
  • Evergreen forest
  • Peace and tranquility
  • Reflection
  • Transience

The Forest Memorial is, on one hand, a non-religious burial place, and on the other hand, a motivation to contemplate life

The Idea

The idea redefines
the concept of a cemetery.

A totally new approach is demonstrated here, so different in style from what the popular city necropolises offer. The project involves creating a simple columbarium - so that its design does not compete with the surrounding nature. The form is supposed to blend into the forest, into a space full of mature, rustling trees and lush shrubs. No different monuments, no concrete, no artificial plantings or numerous fences

Only a tall cuboid on the outside, clad with dark wood, fired with the shugiban technique. In the interior, there is a place for urns, in a memory wall made of lightcolored wood. Thus, the interior of the monolith, despite not having any symbolism, will take on a warm character. The openwork vault will provide access to natural light. Each fragment of the concept is to emphasize the relationship between a human and Earth.

The Idea

Is the project related to religion?
Perhaps - it may be so.
It does not have to.

The idea fits both the atheistic concept and it can also be adapted to the burial in accordance with the Christian tradition. The idea of the Forest Memorial is to create a minimalist, even ascetic burial place. With the aesthetics inspired by nature.

The one that will last beyond the trends in sepulchral art. Placing a memorial wall in a forest unspoiled by civilization is a tribute to the dead, providing visitors with a place for reflection. To be in silence and solitude.


The idea of an aesthetic and minimalist burial place has been emerging in Tomek Michalski's mind for several years.

A 3D graphic artist, a graduate of the Institute of Industrial Design in Koszalin, continued the path he chose to create projects of places connecting humans with nature and buildings that inspire contact with nature, allow for moments of solitude and encourage reflection. In this work, Tomek Michalski knew that the natural environment would be the most important issue - it should be conducive to reflection.

Hence the forest, unspoiled by civilization, as an environment that allows visitors to take a deep breath, and to get away from the busy everyday lives. The seriousness of the place was emphasized by the creator with a strong, high shape of a wooden monolith.


The Forest Memorial concept was created in 2021.

Although it is a complete work, ready for implementation, the project offers great opportunities for being tailored to individual needs. It can be non-denominational, it can be inscribed in the Christian tradition. It can be independent of the access of utilities (electricity, water)


The Forest Memorial project is aimed at anyone looking for an alternative burial site.

For those who are close to nature. For those who do not feel comfortable in city cemeteries overloaded with ornamentation. For atheists. For believers who cannot put up with the crowds. For those looking for new solutions. For those open to discussion about the role of burial places in the modern world. And about the related legal issues as well.

If the project is close to your heart or you are interested in its development in the future, leave your comment / details.

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